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√ The Company insists on the customers' trust as its duty to seek win-win cooperation and also has been adhering to people-oriented with personality first, passion second, ability third as its concepts to insist on self-innovation and lean management.
√ The Company has been complying with the three safety concepts as public safety, quality safety and finance safety to improve the management itself, meanwhile happy to take the society responsibility.
√ The Company focus on the environment protection with goals to control the emission of waste water, exhaust gas and noise within limit range, to make sure the 100% recycle for dangerous waste, to achieve 0 incidence of environment accident. The company sets the policy accordingly that all the employees shall abide by the environment law to achieve energy saving with low waste, environment protection, recycle and sustainable development, also insists on the 6S lean management as SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE and SAFETY.
√ The Company focus on quality management and sets policy like rising customer's value, pragmatism, improvement and innovation, cooperation and development.